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Well good morning, good afternoon and good evening, wherever you are in the world, hello and welcome to the Friday 24th August edition of EV News Daily. It’s Martyn Lee here with the news you need to know about electric cars and the move towards sustainable transport.


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  • “Japanese and Chinese industry groups have agreed to standardize a next-generation fast-charging system for electric vehicles (EVs), it has been learned, in an effort to jointly develop a charger by 2020 that can fully charge a vehicle in less than 10 minutes.” writes Yomiuri Shimbun for Japan News: “By joining hands, Japan and China will hold more than 90 percent of the market for fast chargers and take a major step toward achieving a global standard. The CHAdeMo Association, a group of auto and battery makers that promote Japan’s fast-charging standard, called CHAdeMo, is expected to sign an agreement with the China Electricity Council (CEC) in Beijing by the end of this month. CEC promotes China’s standard, called GB/T. Japan and China aim to commercialize a new system capable of producing more than 500 kilowatts. If the Japan-China team succeeds in establishing a global standard, it will become easier for Japan to export EVs, benefitting battery makers that possess advanced expertise in terms of production and sales. More than 80 percent of fast chargers installed worldwide in 2018, or 220,000 units, used China’s GB/T standard”



  • “Volkswagen has confirmed the launch of a new e-mobility car-sharing service in Berlin, as the German automaker looks to move beyond traditional vehicle ownership. The VW brand, which makes up around half of sales generated by the parent Volkswagen Group, said 1,500 e-Golf cars will be rolled out onto streets of the German capital during the second quarter of 2019.” reports CNBC: “The company has predicted 15 percent annual growth in Europe for on-demand vehicles. Car-sharing has become a major play for auto firms who predict that younger customers, especially those living in cities, are less interested in committing to a large capital outlay for a car.”


  • Whilst that got all the headlines, none of the media picked up on two other announcements, which shows how little they understand about the EV industry.
  • Firstly, the new ID was referred to as the ‘Neo’. Apart from an article by Bild back in April, this is the first time I’ve ever heard it official called Neo by VW. Secondly they cofirmed their EV’s would have Over The Air (OTA) updates for software. Also a big improvement and catching up with Tesla.


  • Autoblog has details on the Operating System: “The German automaker said on Thursday it was working on a new software operating system, to be known as “vw.OS.” which will be introduced in VW brand electric cars from 2020 onward. Rather than having around 70 different sensors and controllers operating independently within each vehicle, the new cars will connect the various sensors using the new proprietary software operating system. VW said it was easier to do over-the-air software updates for cars if the operating system was designed in-house, rather than depending on third-party software supplied by the different vendors providing various sensors.”



  • Simon Alvarez at Teslarati is looking back at the claims at the Tesla Semi launch: “Musk noted that the Semi could cost operators $1.26 per mile to run, less than the standard $1.51 per mile that diesel-powered vehicles cost. That said, Allen Schaeffer, executive director of the Diesel Technology Forum trade group, is skeptical of Musk’s claims, noting that there is little need for a new entrant in the shipping industry.”
  • “It’s easy if you’re just coming into this market to say ‘they’re $1.50 per mile and we can do it for $1.20. But where’s the proof? I haven’t seen it. Diesel is the benchmark for energy efficiency. Diesel dominates the entire sector,” he said.



  • “EVgo, America’s largest public electric vehicle (EV) fast charging network, announced today that the company has already surpassed its record number of annual EV miles charged in 2017. Through mid-August 2018, EVgo fast charged more EV miles than the entire year of 2017, illuminating the dramatic growth of EV miles traveled in the United States, driven largely by rideshare drivers using electric vehicles.”
  • Cathy Zoi, EVgo CEO: “The number of EVs that accept fast charging is expected to quadruple over the next two years. Due to a very rapid increase in electric vehicle miles charged in 2018, led by the rideshare segment, EVgo is accelerating our deployment of public fast charging and dedicated networks in collaboration with our partners.”



  • Autoblog “spy shooters recently caught the next-generation Kia Soul wearing camouflage and showing bits and pieces of its new design. Now, we’ve got spy shots of the next Kia Soul EV, and it’s testing at the Nürburgring.” reports John Snyder for Autoblog: “In back, the lighting starts high and curves inward like a big boomerang. It looks like Kia is trying very hard to keep the rear of the car under heavy garb, so we might expect there to be other major design changes back there. We can’t see from photos any other clues about the electric powertrain, but there’s a good chance the Soul EV will use a version of the Hyundai Kona Electric’s running gear”



  • “Petrol and diesel cars will be banned from nine roads in east London in a bid to tackle toxic air. Drivers will receive a £130 penalty if they use anything other than electric or hybrid models in areas of Hackney and Islington between 7am-10am and 4pm-7pm on weekdays.” this in the London Evening Standard: “The measures, to be introduced on September 3, are the toughest restrictions yet on polluting vehicles in the capital. It came as a new medical report said Londoners could live longer if toxic air is slashed. The EU legal limit for nitrogen dioxide is an annual average of 40 micrograms per cubic metre of air but this was breached at more than 50 monitoring sites in London last year.”



  • “Grab is the latest transport operator to jump on the electric vehicle bandwagon, announcing on Thursday (Aug 23) that it is rolling out a fleet of 200 new electric vehicles, which will tap utility provider Singapore Power’s (SP) fast-charging network.” reports Cynthia Choo in Today Singapore: “SP Group announced in June that it will be installing 500 new charging points across the island by 2020, with the first 30 operational by the end of this year. Of the 500 charging points, more than 100 will be 50kW-DC fast charging points”.



  • Alex Ingram’s verdict of the new ZOE R110: “The updates to the Renault ZOE bring a welcome dose of power, while keeping the old car’s usable range. Otherwise, it remains the same spacious, relaxing, all-electric supermini it was before. It’s worth sitting down to do some sums; the ZOE could save you money relative to established petrol or diesel-powered alternatives. Cars it’s more than good enough to be judged against. The extra performance hasn’t harmed range, either, which at a claimed 186 miles (or 124 miles in cold weather) is the same as before. On a dry August day, the fully-charged ZOE’s trip computer predicted a decent 160-mile range – but our car wore optional 17-inch alloy wheels, which trim a few miles from the standard car’s potential. After the government’s plug-in grant is taken into account, the ZOE starts from £18,420. However, for that price you don’t own the battery – instead you rent it for an additional £59 per month. If you’d like to buy the battery outright, it’ll cost you another £5,600.”
  • Is there a new ZOE coming in October with a larger battery and new design? One of our listeners thinks so. Do you know more? Someone has suggested a surprise unveiling at the Paris Motor show on 4th October?



  • “One thing that has also caught our attention is the fact that in many EV-targeted states like Massachusetts and Rhode Island shoppers are driving home in new 2018 Nissan Leafs for less than $17K after all of the incentives are factored in.” says Torque News: ” in the MA/RI area dealers are working with MassEnergy.ORG’s Drivegreen initiative to advertise their discounted prices on EVs. The dealers are offering up to $6,500 off the price of the Leaf. Couple that with the state rebates of $2,500 and the federal tax credit of $7,500 and the net cost to owners for these new vehicles is under $17K.”


Mark Garnett reminded me about an event for UK listeners, the Classic Car & Electric Vehicle Show at Blenheim Palace


August Bank Holiday weekend, Sunday 26 August 2018 10am–4m  and  Monday 27 August 2018 10am–4pm, will feature a range of electric vehicle exhibitors, companies and promoters. This ground-breaking content sits alongside the classic vehicle displays and includes exhibition stands from the likes of Tesla, BMW, Nissan, Porsche and many other electric vehicle and hybrid manufacturers.

With the latest models on display, test drive facilities available and knowledgeable electric vehicle owners and drivers on hand to talk through their experiences of owning and driving an electric vehicle, latest developments, the Electric Vehicle Zone at the Festival of Transport offers the ideal opportunity to get up to speed with this exciting new technology.



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