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Well good morning, good afternoon and good evening, wherever you are in the world, hello and welcome to the Wednesday 22nd August edition of EV News Daily. It’s Martyn Lee here with the news you need to know about electric cars and the move towards sustainable transport.


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“There are 918,182 plug-in electric vehicles in the US and there has been a rise in EV sales YOY for 35 months, says Britta Gross of @GM To learn more, attend the Electric Transportation breakout sessions at #Electrification2018”


Jeffreytomich – ?”At #Electrification2018, Tesla investor and board member @IraEhrenpreis says energy industry must innovate and defy skeptics. “Change is at our feet.”


Kyle Cherrick – “.@IraEhrenpreis opening @EPRINews #Electrification2018 with a reminder that on the early stages of major transformations there are ALWAYS many skeptics, but the revolution is happening!”



  • Matthias Schmidt
  • Jan-Jul 2018
  • Netherlands: 1,927 +122.5% y/y
  • Norway: 1,877 +106.3% y/y


  • I expect Netherlands to stay in front for the rest of the year as 2019 orders being brought forward before BIK tax increases (BEV >?50k) Jan 1 2019





  • President and Group Chief Executive Officer at Aston Martin, Andy Palmer, took to Twitter today and spilled the beans about the Rapid E.


  • @AndyatAston
  • “A significant step forward on @astonmartin road to zero emission capability. This is the first production intent battery for the RapidE, Aston’s first EV. The significance is it’s also an 800v system, likely to be an industry first when launched to 155 lucky customers at end 2019”


  • “The @astonmartin RapidE EV will use 800v battery technology when launched end 2019. The higher voltage facilitates fast charging times as energy E=VxIxt (V is voltage, I is Current & t is time). Faster charge time t=E/(VxI) achieved by increasing Voltage. Nerdy but bloody good!”


  • “More information to come, but key attributes include the ability to have useable performance for laps of Nurburgring and a top speed of 155mph”



  • According to Business Insider: “Internal documents show that Tesla had to rework more than 4,300 of the 5,000 Model 3 vehicles it built during the last week of June when it hit its critical production target.” with the average time being 37 minutes.
  • Tesla responded: “”Our goal is to produce a perfect car for every customer. In order to ensure the highest quality, we review every vehicle for even the smallest refinement before it leaves the factory. Dedicated inspection teams track every car throughout every shop in the assembly line and every vehicle is then subjected to an additional quality control process towards the end of line. And all of this happens before a vehicle leaves the factory and is delivered to a customer. Notably, Tesla has the highest customer satisfaction level in the entire global auto industry, and relative to every other car company in the world, Tesla has the most customers who say their next car will be a Tesla. That is the true test of customer happiness. We’ve also seen huge improvements on Model 3 quality. Our customer satisfaction scores for Model 3 quality have averaged about 90% since January, with steady improvement through the year, even as the number of cars delivered has rapidly multiplied. And our factory efficiency has also improved, with the number of labor hours per Model 3 produced declining by nearly 30% since last quarter. Finally, a customer never has to worry because if they are unhappy with their car when they receive it, they can either give it back for a full refund, allow us to address any issues, or ask for an entirely new car.”




  • “Vacuum giant Dyson has trademarked the term “Digital Motor” in the European market as it prepares to launch the first of what is thought will be three new electric vehicles.” says Andrew Chesterton for “the company has sunk more than $3.5 billion into its automotive division, which is now home to more than 400 employees, and will soon be home to 300 more. While the name “Digital Motor” is now one exclusive to Dyson, the technology isn’t, with the term used to describe brushless electromagnetic motors – including those used in other EVs.”
  • James Dyson said in a Wired interview: “When we started this four years ago, Tesla was still very small, diesel-gate hadn’t happened and no one was really considering electric cars. So we are not Johnny-come-latelies on this. We had seen it coming, invested in batteries and started our project.”



  • Ambev Brewery will have more than 1/3 of its third-party fleet composed by electric trucks by 2023. Ambev, owner of brands such as Skol, Brahma, Antarctica and Guaraná, announced that by 2023, it will use 1,600 electric trucks made by Volkswagen to transport beverages. With the partnership, about 35% of the fleet serving the brewery will consist of clean energy-powered vehicles, no longer emitting over 30.4K tons of carbon in its logistic chain per year. The deal is the VWCO’s largest for the cargo segment this year.
  • The first truck to be part of this fleet will be the VW e-Delivery, which will hit the streets later this year, opening the first test phase to determine the most appropriate technology for Ambev’s operations. The model will be 100% recharged with electric power from clean sources, like wind and solar.



  • “Global sales of electric vehicles cracked the 400,000 barrier in the second quarter, rising 77 percent from a year earlier to 411,000, according to a report from Bloomberg NEF. China, with 225,000 units, not only maintained its lead but outsold the rest of the world combined. Europe accounted for 22 percent of EV sales in the quarter, with North America at 19 percent.” reports Bloomberg Businesweek.



  • “Brokerage Morgan Stanley has halted equity coverage on Tesla Inc, potentially a sign the U.S. bank may be doing business directly with the electric carmaker as it explores options to go private.” says Reuters: “Goldman Sachs dropped its coverage of Tesla last week shortly before confirming it was acting as a financial adviser on a matter related to the automaker.”



  • “The BMW i3 carries much electricity on board; often even more than what is needed for driving. This video shows what could be done with it. The BMW i engineers are working on it.. (BMW i3 as an electricity dispenser)”
  • Not that the current BMW i3 has the largest battery, but a previous report on BimmerToday said “According to our information, intensive preparations are underway in the background for the debut of a BMW i3 120Ah , which promises even greater coverage with an even larger lithium-ion battery. The more powerful battery could increase the standard range according to NEDC to over 350 kilometers and thus also appease the last range doubters”




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