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Well good morning, good afternoon and good evening, wherever you are in the world, hello and welcome to the Sunday 19th August edition of EV News Daily. It’s Martyn Lee here with the news you need to know about electric cars and the move towards sustainable transport.


First up a really quick announcement. For long time listeners on Saturday 30th June, 6 weeks ago, I asked if a new website called would take to me and tell you the listener what their new website was all about. And they kindly made time for us, and we had an informative chat about buying used EVs, selling your used EV and learning more about electric cars. And the more I thought about it, the more I realised this is one of the final pieces in the jigsaw. Regular buying/selling websites just aren’t set up for electric vehicles, some of them even make it hard to search for EVs. Let alone specify something specific.


So anyway is the first marketplace made specifically for Electric Vehicles. They created this totally free marketplace that simplifies the buying and selling process between two parties while bringing the convenience of a traditional dealer right to your fingertips. And I genuinely believe this is the last big piece of the puzzle. Not all of us can afford a new EV, some of us don’t WANT to buy a new car and take a hit on depreciation (but oh man, that new car smell). So with a strong second hand market, we all win.


I’m making a short story long now because I’m pumped. We stayed in touch, i learned a bit more about them, and eventually we came to the point where it makes a lot of sense to work together. So if you’re listening on YouTube you might notice their logo or you might see it on my Twitter, and they’ll be contributing things like a Question Of The Week for listeners to answer, and generally keep us abreast of now to buy or sell a USED EV, so we all learning something.  Stick around we’ll ask our first question at the end of the show, and need your answers.





  • “Tesla fan Marques Brownlee released an in-depth interview with Musk discussing science, technology and other important points that have nothing to do with the painful news circulating since last week.” according to Interesting Engineering: “Musk discusses how competitive the automotive manufacturing landscape is, and his hopes of bringing down the design and technology costs to reach economies of scale and provide a true mass-market electric vehicle that would cost under $25,000.”
  • “When asked about the firm’s near future plans, Musk said that he is working with his team to ramp up the production by figuring out ways to make two cars at the same time without compromising on the quality of each car.”
  • “Musk also briefly discussed the next-gen Roadster his company is planning to bring to production by 2020. Designed to reach 0-60 in 1.9 seconds, the next-gen Roadster will be fitted with a 200 kWh battery pack that will provide a 600-mile range to the car.”
  • On Track Mode ELon said: “We’re basically a bunch of nerds here: With Track Mode, you can open up a lot of settings. It’s basically like an expert user mode and you can adjust traction control, adjust battery temperature, you can basically configure a bunch of things. It will tell you, ‘if you do this, it’s a bit risky; you’re going to wear out your brakes a little sooner, you might blow a circuit.’ But it’ll be clear, ‘this is the risk that you’re taking.’ It’s kind of like if you have a graphics card in your computer, you can go in there and you can change the settings and over-clock things.”
  • CNBC took the angle today that it was all about the type of cars people are trading in to get a Model 3: “Currently one of the top trade-ins for a Tesla Model 3 is a Toyota Prius, according to statements Musk made during an August earnings call. The Prius, which starts at $23,475, is roughly half the cost of the $49,000 Model 3 starting price. Musk boasted that Tesla shells out virtually nothing on advertising and endorsements, and relies heavily on word of mouth.”–.html



  • The UK’s Guardian: “E-Car, part of Europcar, offers both electric and hybrid cars and has about 145 vehicles across the UK. It is targeting people doing round trips rather than A to B. All cars must be returned and placed on charge at their original “hub”.”
  • “E-Car has two membership options: pay-as-you-go and a subscription. Pay-as-you-go costs a one-off £50 fee. Hourly charges start from £5.50 for a small hatchback (a Renault Zoe) or £6.50 for a larger hatchback (a Nissan Leaf). “



  • “Driving an electric vehicle without the commitment of actually buying one ? that is the proposition for a new car “subscription” service launched by electricity Company Mercury. Mercury will offer EVs “as a service” on a monthly subscription, meaning customers pay a monthly fee and can simply hand the car back when they are done.” says Stuff in New Zealand: “Mercury will charge $469 a month for a first-generation Nissan Leaf, and that falls to $399 a month if customers agree to a minimum six-month term. Those fees include comprehensive insurance, maintenance, unlimited kilometres and free delivery and pick-up by a “concierge” at the beginning and end of each “subscription”.



  • “Porsche of Great Britain teased the brand’s upcoming electric Taycan performance sedan with a tweet depicting camouflaged Taycan test mules, and promising the vehicle will manage a zero-to-60 dash in 3.5 seconds.” reports The Drive: “Prime for comparison is the Tesla Model 3 Performance, which Tesla claims to be capable of the superlative in 3.5 seconds. What little independent testing that has been done seems to affirm Tesla’s claim, so direct comparison of performance specifications for the two vehicles may be won by top speed (155 for Tesla), or even with economy figures instead, Tesla claiming 310 miles of range.”





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This week’s Question Of The Week provided by which I want to hear from you, on YouTube comments, or Facebook or email


Do you really need all that electric range? How much range is enough range? What’s your ideal range? And how does that tie into battery charging speed or charging locations?



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  1. What independent testing of Model 3 performance 0-60 times has been done (by Erik Strait) suggests a no tricks 3.3 seconds, consistent to a couple of hundredths, run after run.

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