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Well good morning, good afternoon and good evening, wherever you are in the world, hello and welcome to the Monday 13th August edition of EV News Daily. It’s Martyn Lee here with the news you need to know about electric cars and the move towards sustainable transport.




  • Whilst it’s unlikely you or I will ever need to drive at speed on the frozen Alaskan snow, it’s good to know Tesla are covering all bases. Earlier today they tweeted a short video of the Tesla Model 3 Performance testing in the snow.
  • It’s obvious, but I’ll say it anyway, there’s no noise. Because a) this is Alaska and there’s nothing for about 4,000 miles and b) the car is electric. So if you turn up the sound on the video all you hear is deep breathing, from the camera person.
  • That is until the car drifts past and covers us in a shower of snow!
  • And Fred at Electrek has more details on the new Track Mode which, rather than removing traction control like other makers, adds instead. “The company explained that it uses the traction between the two motors and slip distribution instead of brakes, which gives more control to the driver. Though the traction control will still help in “tougher situations”. The regenerative braking not only acts differently in track mode, but it also has increased regen power, which helps give a break to the brakes. Under track mode, Tesla also changed the powertrain cooling algorithm to be optimized for the high power usage of a track day.”



  • Sales of EV’s in China, or New Energy Vehicles, leapt in July to 70,835, which is a 65% increase year on year. In the first 6 months of the year the cumulative sales of NEV (passenger vehicles) rose to 423,130, which corresponds to a 111% rise year on year. All of this data comes from a new press release from the China Passenger Car Association (CPCA).
  • So who’s leading the way in China. In July it was BYD which rook the honours and led the market with deliveries of 18,352 units, another stunning rise, up 63% year on year, and in terms of the total EV market in China that’s a whopping 25.9%. In total this year BYD has sold 90,239.
  • 2nd SAIC Passenger Vehicle, 3rd BAIC BJEC, 4th Geely & 5th Chery.
  • New Energy vehicle is the umbrella term the Chinese use for electrified vehicles so when you break it down, pure BEVs made up 67% market share whilst Plug Ins were the remainder.



  • “As electrification makes its way into heavy-duty truck drivelines, the integration of the truck’s components will go even deeper than we see in today’s powertrains” according to by Jason Morgan,
  • Jeff Lowinger, president of Eaton’s recently established eMobility business says: “Any type of all-electric vehicle is its own little grid. You’re going to have different voltage demands on all-electric trucks. The highest is going to be to propel the vehicle?in the 600- to 900-volt range?and then a lot of accessories are going to be operating at lower voltages from 48-volt. There is no personal safety hazard for components running under 60 volts, so that provides better efficiency for the components.”
  • “We believe that the transmission will still be a key enabler of range and efficiency to meet customer needs no matter what type of vehicle it is. We don’t think direct drive will provide the needed efficiency and range, as well as performance. Think about the torque you need in certain profiles,” he continued. “If the truck is on a hill, you need high-torque capabilities. You’re not going to get that in a direct drive system. You’re also not going to get the efficiency in other application profiles. A transmission provides the efficiency and operating performance, torque-wise, you need in a performance profile.”
  • “The time is now to start,” he stressed. “There’s a lot of activity going on within electrification. You’re not late, but you’re not early. There’s a lot of opportunity to take advantage of technologies that will help you meet the GHG regulations in the 2024 time frame.”



  • Speaking of Trucks, and update on the Tesla semi which I picked up from Teslarati: “Inspectors at the California Highway Patrol commercial truck inspection station were in for a treat Friday afternoon on August 10 when a spotless Tesla Semi truck pulling a trailer full of cargo made its way through the Donner Pass Inspection Center that’s located off of Interstate 80. Roughly 50 miles south of Tesla’s Gigafactory, where the all-electric big rig was likely coming from, CHP authorities stopped Tesla’s all-electric for an impromptu inspection as part of its authority under the CA vehicle code to stop and inspect trucks where signs are posted.”



  • “The Canadian startup InOrbis transports travellers between Calgary and Edmonton using Tesla Model S and Model X vehicles ? echoing the business models of similar startups such as Tesloop and Tesla Shuttle. The company was founded by Rosario Fortugno, who answered some questions for CleanTechnica.”
  • “We have 8 Teslas in service right now, hopefully up to a dozen by the end of the year. We’re building a network of solar-powered charging stations that will offer public charging access. We’re also looking into the possibility of creating our own Supercharger stations if Tesla is willing to partner with businesses to create them.”


There’s a link to Jake Richardson’s CleanTechnica article in the show notes:





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Beardy McBeardface?

Imho it’s the Model 3 that’s holding back the Leaf in the US. I think most EV lovers aspire to a Tesla, I know I and my friends do. So you can get a Tesla for a little more than a Leaf….what would you do? ? don’t get me wrong the Leaf is a fab car, battery issue aside. When I drove one the other week I really liked it but it’s not a Tesla…If you wanted an iPace with similar spec to a model X like self levelling suspension you end up paying about the same ?. The cheapest Jag lacks a lot of the refinement and toys of the X. Sorry I’ve not commented recently as I’ve been a poorly bunny….keep up the great work.


David Hutton-Potts?

On the basis you are called EV news will you be giving any coverage on the significant emerging manufacturing of all electric commercial vehicles?


Duncan Drake?

What happened to Hyundai and Kia. In your ev lineup?


Andrew Hockings?

40kwh is bound to be less popular in the US.

They’ll be waiting for the 60kwh.

Or waiting for the Hyundai Kona! : )


Philip Allen?

On the BMW progress, appeared to unfairly miss out mentioning the I3 and i8. Agreed neither of these are in the Model 3 / 3 series segment but do exist. Maybe BMW should focus on cost-effectiveness with the launch of their 3 series EV and then release an out and out M3 version later. On a separate issue, the design of the Mercedes EQC I think allows for both EV and ICE technology hence its bonnet design ( see recent fully charged video ). A big technical design compromise in my view may be based upon views within Mercedes on the rate of EV progress ( i.e. less optimistic than Jaguar).


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