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Well good morning, good afternoon and good evening, wherever you are in the world, hello and welcome to the Thursday 9th August edition of EV News Daily. It’s Martyn Lee here with the news you need to know about electric cars and the move towards sustainable transport.



  • “Land Rover claims up to 31 miles of EV-only range, but the system by default will act like a parallel hybrid where the petrol engine and electric motor constantly work together ? much like a Toyota Prius or Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid.” writes Jake Groves for CAR Magazine: “The Sport P400e’s instrument dials have been tweaked to better represent the hybrid powertrain. So, the regular rev counter is replaced by an energy meter that displays when the car is using regenerative braking when coasting or braking and ‘Eco’ and ‘Power’ areas for when accelerating.”
  • There’s a MyEV menu, and no it doesn’t take you to the website where you can buy/sell/learn about electric cars!
  • “By default, the hybrid system uses a mix of engine and motor power to maximize efficiency, but thanks to a 13.1-kWh battery, there’s a separate EV mode that allows the P400e to drive up to 31 miles on electricity alone. Drivers also have the option to only use the engine, saving the battery for situations where it will be more helpful such as in stop-and-go traffic. On a 220-volt charger, Land Rover says it takes about two hours and 45 minutes to fully charge the battery.” reports Colin Woodard for Automobile Mag: “The P400e will be a mid-range model, starting at $79,295”



  • “During a recent visit to BMW’s normally top-secret electric powertrain development centre in Munich, we had the chance to take a closer look at the company’s next-generation e-power unit, known internally as the HEAT” according to Mike Duff for Car & Driver: “While the company’s previous electrical drivetrains have had their components spread around the cars they are fitted to, the HEAT unites the motor, a single-speed gearbox, and the power electronics necessary to run them into a single casing, creating an entirely modular unit that can be installed into a car in the same space that could, alternatively, house an internal-combustion engine.”
  • What’s interesting from this is the motor is BMW’s own design and they’re putting their own R&D into it, not buying off the shelf.
  • “BMW still predicts an ultimate shift to solid-state batteries and is working with Colorado-based Solid Power to that end. However, the automaker said, lithium-ion technology continues to develop at a sufficient pace that the transition to the more temperamental and heat-sensitive solid-state cells probably won’t be made before 2026. In the meantime, the company projects that lithium-ion will see a 145 percent improvement from today on energy density and an 85 percent reduction in manufacturing cost per kilowatt-hour.”



  • Fred Lambert at Electrek says :” The first boatload of Hyundai Kona Electric has arrived in Norway to be the first vehicles to be delivered to customers outside of South Korea.” with 20,000 reservations there. The first 100 cars arrived at Drammen Harbor this week and Electrek has pics.
  • “Hyundai says that “hundreds of cars” are also coming in other boats with the next one coming in “mid August.”
  • Supply is still massively restricted, with production numbers being talking about in the hundreds and thousands, not the tens of thousands.
  • From what I know, and i would love for Hyundai to correct me if Hyundai UK Press Office listen to this. There are two people who work for Click To Buy and they are used to processing between 40 and 60 orders a year, things like processing buyer into and inputting data to the OLEV portal for the Plug In Car Grant. From what I can gather there are 600 orders for the Hyundai Kona in the uk but despite by best efforts to find out I can’t get a breakdown percentage on standard range vs long range.



  • Slash Gear were invited by Audi to ride in one of the Audi e-tron test mules i talked about a couple of day ago, when an InsideEV’s reader sent pics of them to the website with Pike Peak visible in the background.
  • Slash Gear say: “Bathed in the golden hour light of the sunrise we start to learn about our morning at Pikes Peak. These prototypes are some of the first vehicles to roll off the pre-assembly line in Bratislava. Audi didn’t fly us all the way to Colorado to just admire the e-tron, though. Instead, we would be observers in a descent that would see us drop 6,200 feet down the Pikes Peak Highway.” according to Mike Juergens: “While the car overall is rated for around 250 miles on a full charge, Audi’s recuperation technology contributes up to 30 percent of that figure. Our 19-mile downhill drive, in fact, promises to feed so much energy back to the battery, that it could cover close to the same distance again.”
  • This reminds me of the trip Nissan did for media to Tenerife when they drove up Teide and then regen’d down again. Check out Fully Charged or Bjorn Nylands for example.
  • It’s a long article from Slash Gear and worth reading, they say: “Audi’s system ? and its decision to give the driver the option of just how much the energy recuperation system is intervening ? is a first.” which is surprising to write because all regen system have a range of how hard it works, so they must be referring to something more. “The goal is to maximize the possible outputs from the two motors, without resorting to the hydraulic brakes. These typically slow the e-tron aggressively, but at the cost of efficiency. As a useful side-effect when you’re descending something like Pikes Peak, it also helps keep the brakes cooler.”
  • “Audi’s thermal management system is comprised of four circuits that can be connected as required, heating and cooling not only the interior and the battery, but making sure the electric motors ? including their rotors ? are kept cool, together with the power electronics, and the charger.”



  • “Daimler is in talks with a unit of Chinese partner BAIC Group to form a joint venture for the production of battery-powered Smart vehicles in China, Bloomberg reported on Monday.” according to CGTN: “The talks are being held with Beijing Electric Vehicle Co, or BJEV, in which Daimler took a stake of 3.93 percent earlier this year, Bloomberg reported, citing people with direct knowledge of the matter. It is not clear how big a stake Daimler would want to own in the joint venture, Bloomberg said. Daimler in March said that the stake in BJEV underlined its “commitment to the further development of electric mobility.”



  • Nikola CEO Trevor Milton today announced that he anticipates the $200 million C round will be oversubscribed with more than $100 million already raised and funded this month.
  • Nikola Motor Company is pioneering hydrogen-electric renewable technology. The zero-emission trucks ? which will be able to travel between 500 and 1,200 miles and be refilled within 20 minutes ?will be part of fleets beginning in 2020 and in full production by 2021. To date, the company has nearly eleven billion dollars in pre-order reservations.
  • By 2028, Nikola is planning on having more than 700 hydrogen stations across the USA and Canada. The first 14 stations will be up and running by 2021.



  • The world’s most advanced electric taxis have started appearing on the streets of Edinburgh
  • The first vehicle was also handed over to David McMillan, 67, who has been an Edinburgh cabbie of 7 years.
  • Mr McMillan has made the jump to an electric taxi as they not only help cab drivers cut emissions but also their fuel bills. Mr McMillan estimates he will save around £460 per month from making the switch.
  • As well as lower running costs for drivers, the vehicle offers the people of Edinburgh a smoother, cleaner ride ? as well as on-board wifi, mobile phone and laptop charging.



  • “Counting Chinese technology giants Tencent, Baidu and Xiaomi among its investors, NIO first threw down the gauntlet to Tesla in December with the launch of its first production model, ES8” reports South China Morning Post: “[NIO] will file documents in September as it prepares for an IPO on the New York Stock Exchange towards the end of this year or early 2019, the home turf of Tesla, according to Chinese media reports.”
  • “Plagued by the same lagging production capacity as Tesla, the company has vowed to deliver the first 10,000 cars by the end of the year, according to William Li Bin, founder and chairman of NIO”



  • Tesla’s six-member board confirmed that Musk had broached the subject last week and that the group had subsequently met several times to discuss Tesla’s options.
  • “Last week, Elon opened a discussion with the board about taking the company private. This included discussion as to how being private could better serve Tesla’s long-term interests, and also addressed the funding for this to occur. The board has met several times over the last week and is taking the appropriate next steps to evaluate this.”



  • “Since the start of July, higher taxed conventionally powered cars and diesels in particular are having a hard time wooing the average Swedish new car buyers” according to the EagleAID newsletter: “One consequence of these steep July 1 vehicle tax hikes, allied to a maximum possible SKR60,000 (?5,800) government grant for a qualifying BEV and PHEV, Sweden’s July sales of plug-ins (BEVs & PHEVs) soared by 107 per cent. For July, expressed in market share terms, plug-ins captured 18.8 per cent compared with 4.6 per cent in July last year”
  • ?



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We are seeing an increasing number of charge sessions from new EV’s that will be on the market soon. Exciting! ? First to come is the Hyundai KONA that can charge at up to 72 kW on our 175 kW chargers and up to 47 kW on our other chargers. See the charge curve for more details.



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