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Well good morning, good afternoon and good evening, wherever you are in the world, hello and welcome to the Monday 6th August edition of EV News Daily. It’s Martyn Lee here with the news you need to know about electric cars and the move towards sustainable transport.

If you haven’t downloaded it yet, there’s an interview from two days ago on Saturday from CleanCar who log your journeys and then using fancy pants data, tell you which is the optimal EV for you. Please go back and download it if that would be of interest.

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Alabama’s busiest airport is adding a new convenience for travellers with electric cars: free vehicle chargers. Officials say nine new chargers are being added in the parking deck at Birmingham-Shuttlesworth International Airport. Three of the chargers are in the hourly section, and six are in an area used for long-term parking” according to YellowHammerNews: “The new units resulted from a partnership between the Birmingham Airport Authority and Alabama Power Co.  A statement says Birmingham becomes the first passenger airport in the state with chargers for electric vehicles. The airport has more than 120 daily departures on five airlines.”



August 7 @ 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm. “America’s Car Museum are proud to kick-off this first new electric vehicle fast charger at a car museum along the I-5 corridor as part of the West Coast Electric Highway. With historic vehicles dating back to early electric powered cars, today America’s Car Museum is bringing in a new generation of electric vehicles as it unveils the newest fast-charging station at the city’s entrance.”



Fred at Electrek has been making a list, and we all love a good Top 5. This time it’s the Top 5 cars coming by 2020:

“Electric cars that will either be affordable and/or that will disrupt entire segments or even the industry as a whole.”

“5: VW I.D. Concept – For now, the vehicle is only known as the VW I.D. Concept, but it might end up being called ‘Neo’. VW is planning to release a production version in 2020 based on the concept that they revealed in 2016.”

“4: Mercedes-Benz EQC – By the time the EQC comes out next year, there will be 3 or 4 all-electric options in its segment, which doesn’t make it very unique, but I think it will result in electric vehicles taking over a lot (maybe even most) market shares of premium SUVs.”

“3: Volvo all-electric XC40 – Not much is known about the vehicle just yet, but Volvo’s latest CUV platform was built from the ground up to support several types of powertrains ? including an all-electric on.”

“2: Porsche Taycan – I especially like the Taycan, formerly known as the Mission E, for its potential to convince hardcore petrolheads, like many Porsche fanatics, of the advantages of going electric.”

“1: Tesla Roadster – Tesla is bringing back the Roadster with a new generation of the vehicle that launched the company over 10 years ago. The first production car to get a 0-60 mph time under 2 seconds, quarter-mile under9 seconds, and a top speed of over 250 mph.”




“Nissan, Renault, and Mitsubishi all have experience building hybrids and electric vehicles, so the alliance is well-positioned to introduce new models. Renault-Nissan advanced product planning manager Warwick Daly expects 35% of Nissan’s European sales to be electrified by 2025 with the goal for 20% of sales coming from plug-in hybrids by 2020.” according to “We want to stay ahead of the curve,” said Daly, adding his opinion that “the mild hybrid will start to become obsolete. Our electrification offer will change over time.” Clearly, plug-ins and EVs will play a more significant role moving forward for Nissan. “The Leaf will play a bigger role,” Daly said, pointing out that the new car is selling at a 40% higher volume than the previous model. As SUVs grow in popularity, it only makes sense to give the Leaf an SUV sibling.




“Britain’s biggest energy provider is taking its smart electricity drive on the road with the company’s first major investment in electric vehicle charging.” says Jillian Ambrose, “In the coming days, the FTSE 100 owner of British Gas, is expected to ­unveil a multimillion-pound investment in a software company that ­already helps to power more than 200,000 drivers in the US and Europe. Sources close to Centrica said the investment in Israeli start-up Driivz will accelerate its “smart” energy system ambitions, from the home into the burgeoning market for electric vehicles.”




“Model 3 not only outsold particular models (all passenger cars except for maybe seven), but for example, it outsold all Mercedes-Benz passenger cars ? ?8,500 (SUVs excluded). Mercedes-Benz sold in total just 20,034 vehicles in July (down 22.7%).”




Enrique Dans from says: “The Tesla 3 may not be a car for the masses, but there are major savings to be made: tax breaks, fuel, maintenance and resale, along with advantages such as free parking and access to lanes for high occupancy vehicles. In short, households that cover more than 20,000 kilometers per year should think seriously about buying a Tesla Model 3. But if you’re considering buying an electric vehicle, any electric vehicle, and you find that the sales person is trying to put you off doing so and convincing you to buy a petrol car instead, ask yourself: why might that be?  If Tesla succeeds in holding onto the top spot this month in the hypercompetitive luxury car middle segment then we could be witnessing a tipping point: an extremely traditional market deeply attached to fossil fuel vehicles that’s beginning to realize that electric is not only cool but also makes a lot of sense. ”



“Correction: This batch (78580-81204) is ~100% dual motor, not ~88% as previously estimated. It appears that 12% of the VINs were skipped (invalid response for dual motor AND single motor), however, they have since been updated by Tesla.”


“#Tesla registered 7,903 new #Model3 VINs. ~100% estimated to be dual motor. Highest VIN is 89107.


? Model 3 VINs (@Model3VINs) August 5, 2018



“Jaguar’s I-Pace electric car has Germany’s famous Mercedes-Benz taxis in its sights” writes Dominik Wilde for “The British firm’s debut battery-powered effort has delivered 10 of the crossovers to Munich’s biggest taxi operator recently. Mercedes-Benz has much of the German Taxi market covered, with around 60 percent of the country’s taxis being Mercedes, many of which are E-Classes that are roughly half the price of the Jaguar. A comparable Mercedes, the EQ C crossover, won’t be launched until next year.”

“Jaguar’s taxis are part of a plan by the city of Munich ? which is the hometown of rival brand BMW ?to reduce area pollution. Rides in the new cars will be subsidized by the city council too, with it paying 20 cents per kilometre travelled. Munich has one of the highest levels of pollution from diesel vehicles among German cities and could introduce bans on older cars.”




“Early demand for this Kona Electric is the highest of any new Hyundai ever introduced. Already the Korean firm is worried it might not even be able to keep up with that demand.” an article by Nat Barnes in the Express Newspaper said today: “Very few Kona sales are expected to be the lesser 39kWh model though, and the monthly price difference of the 64kWh model will be minimal on a finance plan. “There is a smart regeneration mode, strangely found deep within the trip computer settings which uses the road gradient and traffic levels to automatically choose and adapt a setting for you. This latter mode sounds ideal but the reality is that on the road its constant second-guessing quickly becomes frustrating. The manual settings are a far more preferable option.”


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One thought on “06 August 2018 | Top 5 EVs Coming By 2020, Nissan Thinks Mild Hybrids Will Be Obsolete And HUGE Thanks To First Patreon Producers”
  1. Hi Martyn
    So difficult to guess just where Nissan are on the “curve” these days and it doesn’t help with planners using new terms, like
    “mild hybrids”.
    Hybrid can refer to the vehicle having more than one drivetrain type, or more than one fuel type, or with PHEVs, a mixture of both.
    Parallel hybrids (Toyota types) that have two different drivetrains, typically an ice fwd and an electric rwd and usually the one fuel to fill the car, petrol.
    Nissan turned their Note into a series hybrid for the Japanese market and it is a great success (shame it’s not available in the UK yet). However the e-Note is not a hybrid in the sense of using two different means of propulsion, it has only an electric drivetrain. Nor is it a hybrid in the sense of using two different fuels to fill it. But it shares with the Toyota types the ability to recover and use kinetic energy.
    My BMW i3 REX is classed as a series hybrid and is a hybrid in that it can be filled with two different fuels, electric and petrol.

    What Nissan should do is completely commit to all their vehicles becoming EV (vehicles that only use one or more electric motors for propulsion). The ICE (where used) is relegated to the role of a generator.
    And my guess is that is exactly what Nissan/Renault/Mitsubishi will do, it’s just they have yet to find the right words to let the cat out of the bag.

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