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Congratulations to Fully Charged who sold 1000 tickets in one day along last weekend as word spread.


Formula E and no spoilers! Circuit racing returned to Switzerland as the ABB FIA Formula E Championship raced through the city streets and lakefront boulevards of Zurich, host city of the 2018 Julius Baer Zurich E-Prix. And it was carnage! The championship battle is well and truly alive. There were countless overtakes, controversies, penalties. I won’t mention the winners of the race or the championship for a day or so in case you’re catching up.



  • “Elon Musk has revealed that Autopilot version 9 should arrive in August, and Tesla will “begin to enable” the full autonomous driving features with that release. The company has “rightly focused entirely on safety” with previous versions, Musk said, but now it’s time to spread its wings.” reports Jon Fingas at Engadget: “However, the “full self-driving capability” package should actually mean something once Autopilot 9 arrives and the more advanced features kick in. There may be some situations where it’s genuinely acceptable to let go of the steering wheel, even if it’s limited to parking lots and other private spaces.”



  • InsideEvs always has their eyes on the sales prize and Mark Kane says “Plug-in electric car sales in Norway increased in May and now exceed a cumulative level of 200,000 new registrations since 2012. The best selling car in Norway this year is the Nissan LEAF, which took the lead after a spectacular registration record of 2,172 in March. Since then, sales dialed back to three-digit numbers ? 997 in April and 644 in May. During the first five months of 2018, Tesla significantly increased its sales in Norway of both the Model S and Model X”



  • In 2017 Google and VW announced their plans to work together using new machine learning process projects to further advance artificial intelligence.
  • Now, we have some news from Chris Randall at Electrive regarding custom batteries: ” VW announced that they had first succeeded in simulating the structure of industry-relevant molecules on a quantum computer. The simulation is relevant for the development of more powerful batteries, particularly in the area of EV batteries. Long term, the partners plan to be able to simulate the entire chemical process of a whole battery on a quantum computer. The goal is to develop a “tailor-made” battery; a configurable blueprint ready for production. The simulation requires particularly powerful computing.”



  • “Tata Motors has revealed that its future range of electric cars under the Alpha and Omega platforms will have a range of around 300-400 kilometers per charge.” says Cartoq: “The Indian automaker currently sells a solitary electric car ? the Tigor Electric ? to the Indian government. Soon, the Tigor Electric and its hatchback sibling ? the Tiago Electric ? will go on sale in India for private car buyers as well. However, the range of the Tigor and Tiago Electric cars are around 100-120 kilometers/charge. Tata Motors plans to use the Tigor and Tiago Electric cars as a stop-gap arrangement before its new range of electric cars under the Alpha and Omega platforms arrive.”
  • “These cars are expected to have a range of about 300-400 kilometers/charge and will run on 320 volt batteries. A fast charge option will be standard, and the Tata electric cars running 320V batteries will also be very quick off the block.”



  • London’s Mayor, Sadiq Khan, last week confirmed the London Ultra-Low Emission Zone is be growing larger than previously announced. It will now reach the North and South circular roads, but not until October 2021. For now, the zone is limited to central London which goes into effect April 2019.
  • If you drive into the Zone in a car which doesn’t comply, you’ll be charged £12.50 a day to enter the ULEZ. At the moment you can drive into town at weekends and bank holidays and not face the existing Congestion Charge, but the ULEZ fees apply 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • It’s harsh on diesels particularly and if it’s not Euro 6 or newer it’s going to be penailsed. The office of the mayor says it remove the dirtiest, most polluting vehicles, and affect 100,000 cars, 35,000 vans and 3,000 lorries a day.



  • Stena Line is a big ferry company here in Europe, they have 38 vessels and operate 21 routes in Northern Europe. Green Car Congress has the details on: “Stena recently signed with Callenberg Technology Group for 1 MWh of batteries which will be installed on Stena Jutlandica which operates between Gothenburg and Frederikshavn.
  • Stena envisions three phases to the project. In step one, due this summer, the 1 MWh, 3,000 kW battery pack, which will be located on the weather deck, will be used for bow thrusters and manoeuvring when berthing in port. In step two, a 20 MWh battery pack will be connected to the propellers; Stena Jutlandica will be able to be operated on electricity within around 10 nautical miles, equal to the distance between Göteborg and Vinga Lighthouse. In step three, the battery capacity will be further expanded to 50 MWh, enabling about 50 nautical miles.”


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