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  • First of all, let’s get the pronunciation sorted for the new name of the Porsche Mission E. It’s “Tie Con”.
  • And now we’ve heard from the CEO of Porsche Cars North America, Klaus Zellmer: “Our dealers are telling us that they can’t have this car soon enough, You can expect that there will be new faces in our dealerships and current customers adding a new, all-electric Porsche to their garage.”
  • “We anticipate roughly half of our vehicles sold by 2025 will be plug-in hybrids or battery electric vehicles,” he said. “Which leaves the other half for internal combustion platforms. So, while some things change, others do not, and a Porsche will always be a Porsche.”
  • Yesterday on the podcast I was talking to you about why the announcement video for the Taycan used the tagline “Soul, Electrified”, and there’s more from Mr Zellmer today in line with what i was saying, which is that Porsche will want to head off any criticism than a Porsche which doesn’t make roaring noises isn’t really a Porsche.
  • “We intend to redefine the high performance e-vehicle segment (with the Taycan),” Zellmer said. “From day one, our approach has been that a Porsche will always be the sports car of its segment, regardless of its powertrain. And our first all-electric sports car will drive like a Porsche and offer the sportiness and everyday usability we are known for.”
  • Stat check: 90kWh battery, two motors for all wheel drive, 0-62mph in 3.5 seconds, 800V/350kW charge speeds to add 100km of range every 4 mins.



  • Andy Palmer at Aston Martin has done an incredible job since he’s been in charge turning round the company so that it now faces a bright future and one which is already talking about how and when to electrify. Aston Martin enjoyed a 58percent increase in sales last year and it’s first profit since 2010.
  • However he’s had a few words of advice (warning?!) for CEO’s of other mainstream car makers. He says that as everyday cars become more of a commodity they need to differentiate.
  • “I do believe we are at the beginning of end of the traditional automotive industry,” Palmer recently told industry outlet Automotive News Europe. “For a long time, the business model has been stack ’em high and sell ’em cheap.”
  • “But profitless volume is no way to build a sustainable company. It makes no sense to spend one billion [euros] on a new car and discount it almost at launch,” he said. ‘We risk moving toward commoditization of a pod. The world does not need dozens of nameplates making the same objects. There are more than 75 automotive nameplates in Europe, but just four plane makers.”



  • The Jaguar I-PACE has been showing up on my twitter feed a lot today as it’s one of the highlights of FullyChargedLIVE, but I’ve got some price details for our Canadian listeners.
  • The electric SUV will start at $86,500 when it’s on sale late Summer. Putting that into perspective the Tesla Model X starts at $110,200.
  • Stat check: dual motors, 0-62mph in 4.5 and one pedal driving with heavy regen gets you 385kms on a tank. Plus 100kW DC fast charging.



  • Polestar CEO Thomas Ingenlath revealed on Thursday that North America is, in fact, the brand’s biggest market, according to a Thursday report from Automotive News. Ingenlath shared the majority of the 500-plus buyers who’ve made the refundable $2,500 deposit for the hybrid sports coupe are from North America. It will come to the United States to be shown during Monterey Car Week in August.
  • The Polestar 1 will be mostly sold on a subscription basis.
  • Stat check: Hybrid powertrain, 2.0 litre engine with an electric motor on each axle, 93 miles of EV range



  • “Octopus Energy has launched a new “time of use” energy tariff especially designed for bringing down the charging cost for electric vehicle (EV) owners.” wrties Catherine Neilan for CityAM: “The new tariff, called Octopus Energy Go, lets EV owners charge their cars for only 5p per kilowatt hour for four hours each night, which could make owning an EV 10 times cheaper than having a car running on fossil fuels. Other existing initiatives to bring down the power cost for EV owners include the Economy 7 tariff, also known as the differential tariff, which has reduced rates for seven hours per night. However, the Go tariff could be up to 25 per cent cheaper.”
  • Rebecca Dibb-Simkin, director of product for Octopus Energy, said: “Octopus is passionate about driving the UK’s switch to electric vehicles.We’re delighted to use our innovative tech both to offer the cheapest kWh charge in the market and enable your car to automatically charge itself, a brilliant way to unlock those electric car savings.”



  • Ryder has placed an order for 500 electric vans for it’s North American EV truck rental and lease fleet. That’s on top of 125 vans which are already on order.
  • Dennis Cooke, President of Global Fleet Management Solutions for Ryder, commented on the announcement:
  • “Ryder continues to see broadening interest in EVs from businesses of various sizes and industries, and especially from those companies in the parcel, final mile, or beverage delivery space. Additionally, there’s interest from customers who have daily return to base routes of 40 to 100 miles and in markets with incentives available for electric vehicles. Companies continue to identify the potential long-term cost, environmental, and efficiency benefits of EVs. We’re proud to expand our relationship with Chanje and expect additional business announcements based on our sales pipeline. This latest announcement with Chanje is one more way we are demonstrating our commitment to maximizing the performance of our customers’ fleets, while providing the flexibility and convenience to implement EVs into their operations.”



  • “Consumer perceptions and fears about the driving range of electric cars are often blamed as a major reason for the lack of take-up, but a new report illustrates how those ideas are ill-founded.” says “In Australia, the average commuter travels 38km/day, the report shows.
  • According to these figures, the LEAF (once available in Australia) would only have to be charged about once a week. A Tesla S owner on the other hand, would only need to plug in about once every 12 days. (As it turns out, most EV owners would charge them daily in any case, because of the convenience of charging them when parked at home).While charging times for EV drivers on long distance trips may still not be desirable, one thing is clear ? range anxiety for those commuting on short distance trips or in the city may no longer be a valid concern.”


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