Friday 25th May 2018.

A couple of quick headlines. Sources say the Model 3 bottleneck of batteries being fitted into chassis is finally sorted, and the rate of 500 per day will soon be increasing to 5000 per week on target for the end of Q2.

Apple have signed a deal with VW for their driverless car tech ? but were they spurned by others such as BMW, Merc and Tesla?

The Nissan LEAF was Western Europes top seller for pure BEV action in the first 4 months of the year, with the LEAF selling 11,200 ahead of the Renault Zoe on 10,700. That’s a car which largely didn’t ship proper numbers until the start of March!

In the UK the future of the Plug In Car Grant has been uncertain, but it has been confirmed until at least October 2018 and in some form until 2020. £4,500 off Cat 1 cars,  £8,000 off EV vans.

PS  – I know not everyone will get this, but happy GDPR day.




  • Yesterday we talked about Audi waiting to make a supercar until solid state batteries were ready. Well it’s not holding back their sisters and brothers are Porsche, although maybe electrons aren’t ready yet for their hardcore GT2 and GT3.
  • Chris Bruce, Editor of Motor1 says we could get not one but TWO Porsche 911s: “A new rumor indicates that there could be two of them in the future lineup, including one at the very top of the range with performance on par with the 911 Turbo”
  • That’s based on an unnamed source talking to Autocar.
  • “The standard 911 plug-in hybrid would reportedly sit a step above the base Carrera. The electrification tech would be similar to the new Cayenne E-Hybrid, according to this anonymous source. This means a hybrid module with an electric motor would be between the engine and transmission. It would be able to work together with the internal combustion engine to provide an extra boost or power the vehicle exclusively for emissions-free motoring.”
  • Of course they have plenty of knowledge they’re building up from the Mission E. There’s more in the link on the show notes and have your say on the InsideEVs forum.



  • Honda has been criticized for not fully jumping into the EV segment until recently with the introduction of the Clarity lineup and Accord and Insight hybrids” says Torque Report based on an original article by Electrek: “While Honda did introduce a Fit EV back in 2012, that model only lasted a few years, but now Honda is reportedly working on a new Fit based electric car.”
  • China’s biggest battery builder CATL are reportedly tapped up to produce it: “The two companies will develop the car based on Honda’s Fit mini vehicle. The goal is to create an affordable electric car priced at slightly more than 2 million yen ($18,000) equipped with a small battery and having a relatively short range of 300km (186 miles) on a single charge.”
  • Torque Report says: “Honda has yet to make any official announcements about a new Fit based EV, but has announced that it will introduce a new electric car in Europe next year that’s based on the Urban EV concept.”


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