Saturday 21st April 2018.


  • Timing, eh? Yesterday I found an Audi e-tron Quattro video at the Nürburgring, did a big piece about it, and figured we won’t talk about that car for a while. And then today, thank you Audi, a press release with more hard details!
  • 432 battery cells in a flat sandwich style, under the floor
  • 150kW charging ? faster than Jaguar I-PACE or a Tesla Model S
  • The pack weighs some 715 kg, or more than 1,573 pounds.
  • 36 battery modules in each pack, each about the size of a shoe box ? each containing 12 pouch cells
  • Engineers favoured pouch-type cells over prismatic, for cooling and packaging
  • WLTP rating is 250 miles or 400km. There’s no EPA range yet.
  • The active thermal management is a set of circuits filled with anti-freeze
  • Cool our from outside cools the battery, but if that’s too warm, the air con compressor cools the battery, including when 150kW charging
  • There’s a heat pump to extract cooling capacity from the air too
  • The pack will be assembled in Brussels and warrantied for 250,000kms
  • There’s a backup battery in case you run the main battery flat, for electronic parking brake, hazard lights and other crucial in-car controls
  • With one smart card, Audi has created an e-tron Charging Service that allows e-tron drivers to tap into an existing network of over 40,000 chargersrun by over 1,000 different providers across Europe ? with an app to sort billing. That’s 80% of all AC and DC charging stations in Europe.
  • Smart charging home systems will be offered in 11kW and 22kW configuration.
  • The e-tron will also be equipped with an energy-management system that balances charging with other household electricity demands, and allows owners to schedule charging during times when cheaper off-peak electricity rates apply.
  • GreenCarReports says: “This 400-volt charging system will be joined at some point in the future by 800-volt systems that can charge at 350kW. That system could bow on the production version of the Porsche Mission-E. A 350kW charger would be able to charge the e-tron pack in about 12 minutes, which Audi compares to a gas-car fill-up time of about 7 minutes. The SUV arrives late this year in Europe, and sometime in 2019 in the U.S. Based on the VW Group’s MLB architecture, it’s something of a one-off: future Audi electric vehicles will be derived from a new group MEB compact electric-car or PPE large electric-car architecture. In August, the e-tron will have a world premiere in Brussels, along with other electrified Audi products.”



  • Inside EVs reports the Mercedes EQC has been “caught roaming the streets of Germany as a fully disguised prototype. The EQ C, as it will be called, was undergoing the final testing rounds ahead of its world premiere as a production model later this year, presumably at the same auto show in the City of Lights scheduled to open its doors early October”
  • They also point to the two electric motors, 0-60 in less than 5 seconds, and the concept was due to do 310 miles from a 70kWh battery.



  • At this year’s edition of Auto China,the motor show will see the debut of the Concept iX3″ reports AutoEvolution highlighting a teaser video BMW released yesterday.  They continue: ” the iX3 will be offered with a dual-motor configuration. In addition to all-wheel-drive surefootedness, an electric motor for each of the two axles translates to BMW-like performance in a straight line as well. After the MINI EV and iX3, BMW is set to launch the “fifth-generation electric drivetrain” in 2021. The goal is to deliver 700 kilometers (435 miles) of driving range per charge”.



  • The Mercedes GLE 550e is a hybrid which has an output of the 85-kW motor and 3.0-liter twin-turbo V6 is capped at 436-hp and 479 lb-ft fed to all four wheels through a seven-speed automatic transmission.
  • There’s an 8.7-kWh of lithium ion battery. Forbes reports: “with a full charge, the EPA says it can do about 10 miles with a bit of the engine blended in or up to about 8 miles if you put it in EV-only mode”



  • On the podcast we talked recently about the interior of an electric Maybach and now, it seems to be a minisite which was turned on the internet by mistake before being taken down, not before images were captured. Autoblog say: “There’s a big waterfall grille flanked by low, aggressive three-unit headlights, and the detailing is a combination of SUV cues and something a lot more luxurious. It’s not easy to design a three-box sedan that’s still recognizably an SUV. Inside, there’s white leather and rose-gold detailing everywhere.”
  • It’s all wheel drive, it’s all electric, the battery is said to be 80kWh and a limited top speed of 155mph. It’s not the biggest battery but 350kW charging gets you 60 miles in 5 mins.



  • All new and thoroughly renovated residential buildings with more than ten parking spaces must be equipped with the appropriate pre-wiring for a charging point in each parking space. In the case of commercial buildings, 20% of spaces have to be pre-wired” says Fleet Europe: “The move is part of a wider European policy to reduce the CO2 output and to boost the uptake of electric vehicles”



  • IONITY is the high powered charging network supported by BMW, Daimler, Ford and Volkswagen, along with subsidiaries Audi and Porsche. Now they’re said to be talking to Volvo, Fiat-Chrysler, PSA/Opel, Jaguar Land Rover as well as Tesla.
  • There should be 400 of these chargers but so far only 20 are installed

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