Good morning, good afternoon and good evening! Wherever you’re listening around the world, a very warm welcome from London, UK.

And welcome to a special edition of the EV News Daily podcast.  We talk about cars a lot, but what’s it going to take to make the whole ecosystem work. So for the first episode of our look at everything needed to make EV become truly mainstream, we head to the maker of some of the worlds most luxurious cars ? Bentley.

Work starts this week at on a giant solar carport, which will be the UK’s largest when complete, at 2.7MW. The company behind it is called FlexiSolar and they’ll be fitting 10,000 panels to frames which will shelter almost 1,400 car parking spaces at Bentley’s manufacturing headquarters near Crewe, UK.

The carport will take Bentley’s on-site solar capacity to 7.7MW having also installed 5MW of rooftop solar in 2013. On the show today we talk to Adam Goves from the Cambridge based Flexisolar, to fill us in on the details.