Friday 6th April 2018.


  • We heard earlier in the week Tesla is making over 2,000 Model 3’s a week so it will come as no surprise they’ve registered almost 5,000 new VINs. At this rate it will last them about two weeks. It’s just a week after they registered 2,000 VINs so it looks like that exponential curve that Elon Musk talks about might be starting. A reminder that by Saturday, 30th June, they said they should be making 5,000 every week. Even if they maintained 5,000 a week for the second half of the year it would be 130,000 Model 3 vehicles in the second half of the year. And there’s every chance the curve will continue, as the target is 10,000 per week by year end.


  • Peugeot, Citroën, DS and Opel/Vauxhall, and its Free2move all come under the Groupe PSA umbrella, and it’s creating a Business Unit dedicated to electric vehicles, effective 1 April, responsible for defining and deploying the Group’s electric vehicle strategy and rolling out the related products and services.
  • Meanwhile CEO Carlos Tavares said European Union fines for companies that miss tougher CO2 reduction targets could bring a major European automaker “to its knees,” allowing a Chinese buyer to step in with its own electric vehicle technology
  • “The impact is very obvious. It’s going to create a Chinese Trojan Horse in Europe,” Tavares told an industry event hosted by French car magazine Le Journal de l’Auto.
  • PSA and other European carmakers are facing declining sales of fuel-efficient diesel models, making it harder to meet CO2 targets and avoid large fines.


  • Here in the UK, a bad day for diesel and good one for electric cars. ThisIsMoney says: “diesel sales plummeting by more than a third in the industry’s most important month of the year. Sales of diesel models, which have been subject to additional taxes in the last year, plunged by 37 per cent. Registrations of these ‘cleaner’ hybrid, plug-in hybrid and electric vehicles rose by 5.7 per cent last month.”
  • In March 2017 22,818 electric cars were sold which went up to 24,126 last month. That’s a total market share up from 4.1% to 5.1%. Year to date, which is basically looking at Q1 combined, shows an even better picture. In Q1 2017, 33,405 electric cars were sold and that went up to 36,693 this year, and increase of 9.8%.


  • Electrek reports that: “Chinese EV start-up Singulato Motors said that it secured funding to invest $2.39 billion USD in a massive manufacturing hub in East China over the next five years.” The Singulato iS6 is their SUV which has a range of 400 km (~250 miles), 0-60mph of four seconds, and a price range starting at $32,000.


  • How about spending a monthly fee for a BMW – including insurance, maintenance, and roadside assistance? How about unrestricted access to a select portfolio of BMW vehicles? How about no limit to the number of times you can switch vehicles within a given month?
  • Ian Smith, CEO of BMW group financial services, said: “”As customers continue to explore the growing mobility market, service-related offerings are becoming more in demand. With Access by BMW, our members will enjoy the freedom of personal mobility with access across a broad range of our highly emotional vehicles,” It’s $2,000 a month, starting in Nashville to test the water, and you get access to cars including BMW 5 Series including 530e and the BMW X5 xDrive40e iPerformance PHEV.

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