Monday 2nd April 2018. 


  • Starting with the Model 3 Owners Club, and a story which definitely isn’t an April Fools! Franz von Holzhausen is the Tesla design supremo and the man responsible for the Model 3. So how amazing would it be to meet him. Well he can go one better than that.
  • He said: ““I was on my way home from work and figured I’d swing by. I love to see the excitement from people like you and share what we’ve created.”
  • The Model 3 buyer said: “”The car was flawless. I inspected every panel gap with a fine toothed comb and couldn’t find a millimeter of misalignment. After reading so many horror stories, I found it hard to believe there were no noticeable defects on the car. I said, “The panel gaps are literally perfect ? did you make sure this one came out flawless like this?” He just smiled and said, “Nope, this is the first time I’m seeing this car, but things are always improving.” I continued down the four-page Model 3 delivery checklist another user posted on this forum and everything was absolutely perfect.”



  • BMW is announcing a massive expansion to its charging network in China with plans to install more than 80,000 charging poles in over 100 Chinese cities. The company’s goal is to have these poles up-and-running when its fleet of new electric cars hit the market in the coming years.
  • As of 2017, the German automaker already has more than 65,000 charging poles in more than 90 Chinese cities.



  • A new report on Green Car Congress points out how EVs, unlike gas cars, get greener as time goes on because of cleaner electricity production. They say: “Future electric vehicles are likely to have roughly 20% lower environmental impacts compared to current vehicles based on technological improvements alone. However, when considering also the future improvement of the electricity sector, these improvements are in the range of 30-70% for baseline and climate policy scenarios. This is an important conclusion that must be considered when making policy in the mobility sector as use of current results as a proxy for future technologies would be highly misleading.”



  • According to a Bloomberg report: “With pressure escalating after one of the worst weeks in its almost 15-year-history, Tesla raced to manufacture and deliver its mission-critical Model 3 sedan to burnish the numbers it’s about to report to rattled investors. Tesla’s Fremont, California, delivery hub was packed with people Saturday evening as the last hours of the quarter drew to a close. Red couches and tall white tables were set up outside, a DJ played music and a truck selling Vietnamese food was on hand. Behind the scenes, a company that’s struggled to figure out how to mass manufacture cars implored workers to get production on track and prove the doubters wrong. Barclays Plc analyst Brian Johnson has warned clients to watch out for a potential “burst rate bear trap,” in which Tesla beats Wall Street’s lowered projections for Model 3 deliveries. He estimates Tesla is producing 1,500 to 1,700 units of the Model 3 each week. We think it’s possible Tesla may have stockpiled batteries amid Fremont downtime, allowing production to be higher in the final week,” Johnson wrote in a report Thursday. “Any such ‘beat’ is unlikely to be sustainable, and questions remain on Tesla’s ability to sustainably reach” its production goals.



  • According to Autocar Professional: “”The head of Aston martin said “The Lagonda concept, as you know, will be there to challenge the duopoly of Rolls-Royce and Bentley,” says Palmer in an exclusive interview with Autocar Professional. The Lagonda brand has been revived to lead Aston Martin’s charge in the electric mobility space. He feels going electric is a “no-risk” strategy to compete against Rolls-Royce and Bentley in the super luxury segment. “Lagonda is going to compete with Rolls-Royce and one of the key attributes of a Rolls-Royce is that it is very quiet. And obviously the electric car is even quieter,” says Palmer.”


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