Saturday 17th March 2018.

There’s SO much going on I didn’t want to make the podcast too long, so I’ve split this weekend into two parts. Today we’ll focus on cars, and on tomorrow’s show we’ll talk about all the things which make them go, such as charging and some energy news.



  • A couple of days ago I was saying we were due a Ford announcement. Were clearly they were planning one! Ford said they will beat Toyota in hybrid vehicles by 2021.
  • The #2 US car maker wants to overhaul their lineup and electrify their model. StrategAy will focus on trucks, SUVs and high performance cars. They will electrify the bulk of their models, especially trucks.
  • The legendary Ford F-150 will also be electrified but built into hybrid form and full integrated, to help people make the transition to electric cars. So those truck drivers still get their engines but also all the low-end torque from an EV.
  • They say we’ve moved past hybrids being a science project, which sounds a like they’re throwing shade at Toyota.



  • The slightly higher powered Zoe R110 (80kW) is marginally more expensive that the outgoing model. It will cost around £19,000 before the UK government grant.
  • The Zoe is a great city car, with lots of range and one of my favourites.



  • The Nissan LEAF SUV is confirmed to be coming at some point in the future, and Nissan say the new crossover will the car that makes BEVs mainstream. Whilst he recognises the job the LEAF is doing the SUV will be a long range, all-wheel drive powertrain.
  • It will also include the next generation of the Nissan Pro Pilot technology. And it’s “a few years” away, whatever that means specifically. The interior is notably bigger with lots of useable space thanks to the flat battery under the car. 



  • Onto Audi and the Q3 will get an electric version which will be Audi’s 4th pure BEV they make. But it looks like it might be China only.
  • Elsewhere the Chairman of Audi’s board said the first Audi car to use the VW MEB platform will have SUV character.
  • The competition for that segment is increasing, not only with the news above about Nissan but also pure electric Volvo XC40 and BMW iX3.


Thank you for listening today, I hope you’ve enjoyed it. I’d love to spread the word about electric cars so, if you can, share this somebody who might be interested.

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